This list of online sites relating to daily life in Afghanistan as well as humanitarian efforts and political commentary has been compiled primarily by Kate Rogers Gessert. If you have other sites of interest to add, please email them to

Afghan News

Afghan Network
Afghanistan Online

British News Sites

BBC (see especially articles by Robert Fisk and Patrick Cockburn

Humanitarian Sites

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (Check out "Women's Right to Land: A Human Right")
United Nations World Food Program
UNICEF's Stories from the Field, and Real Lives
Interaction - Directory and Links to Afghan Relief Organizations
Doctors Without Borders (see Photos: Life in Afghan Refugee Camps)
Human Rights Watch
Expanding War

Opinions and News

Counterpunch (see especially articles by Alexander Cockburn Jeffrey St. Clair, and "War on Terrorism for Dummies" by Bernard Weiner 3.3.02)
The Nation (with some web-only articles)
International Herald Tribune (see especially the editorial columnist William Pfaff)
Common Dreams
Working for Change

Email lists you can subscribe to

Harper's Weekly (a weekly collage of world events)
Institute for Public Accuracy (weekly email bulletins)