Vintage Women Explained

For the first time in 24 years, will open its pages to the work of other artists, specifically women artists over 60. Older men tend to be seen as sophisticated and distinguished. Older women are often ignored - considered lesser-than, in pay, in sales, in admiration and in recognition.

We declare these Vintage Women to be rare, prized, and collectible!

If selected you will get 5 pages online to yourself alone. No media restrictions (except video: that may come later, although video stills are fine). No theme - it is completely open.

You will need to send:

4 jpg's (not more!) at 100 dpi. Under 4 MB each. Plus a very brief statement/bio/whatever you want to say, maximum 100 words, as doc or docx. By email only, with the subject I Wanna Show. Send to Remember: the quality of your images will impact your chance of being selected.

Nothing harmful or hateful. Otherwise you are free to pick your best. Your personal gallery will remain up for one month. You retain copyright to all of your work.

The cost: $25. nonrefundable to apply. Send a check in US dollars to:

Digital Giraffe

109 Del Mesa Carmel

Carmel, CA 93923

I will not even look at the work until I receive the check. is the winner of 2 Golden Web Awards. It has been viewed by 193 nations and receives close to a million hits annually. It also publishes a newsletter that accompanies each new issue. You've done the work. Now let's promote it!

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