Trine Sondergaard is a Danish photographer whose severe, lean portraits have attracted the attention of the public lately, including an article in the New Yorker magazine called "Twenty Under Forty".

Henrique van Putten fashions disturbing images of animals from woven materials. Her trapped creatures are striking and difficult to forget.

At another level of disturbance, look at a show called Metamorphosis, which describes itself as "beinArt International Surreal Art Collective Group Exhibition". There are some dynamic interpretations of the surrealist theme here.

San Francisco artist Michael Page approaches surrealism with a distinctive touch. His paintings are more gently surreal than many of the artists above and could be described as lyrical fantasy.

Nicholas Hlobo is a young South African artist making his mark in the art world. He uses found materials to explore the changes occurring in Xhosa culture, particularly the role of a young homosexual in a traditional society. You can see more of his work in an exhibition titled, lUmtshotsho.

Noriko Ambe loves to cut things up, particularly books or catalogs of other artists. She thinks of her work as "collaborations" with the materials and concepts of the original artists, or as "intersections" with their metaphors.

You just have to smile when you see the kinetic light sculptures of Paul Friedlander, which is perhaps why his photo of himself as a young boy is so apt. His idea is to use light to show objects that seem to float in the air, with stunning effects.

Eva Lee's video is tltled "Reteach a Thing its Loveliness", based on a poem by Chris McKenna. From this site you can key into other videos by this artist.

For a fascinating video by John F. Simon, Jr., surf on over to The Poetics of Code at the Streaming Museum. There is also an interview with him. At the same time, you might also go to Digital Art @ Google for a glimpse of other artists' projects.

For more on Light Paintings and Light Sculptures, take a look at Sitooterie II and see what a single light source can do.

c.Corinne Whitaker 2010