Crazy for Color

Once again a single gallery has caught my eye with its ensemble of beautiful works. In this case, the Waddington Galleries in London have some real treats in store for you. In addition, two other sites take a new approach to color, one in photography and the other in web design. Have fun!

Naomi White has an unusual eye and a distinctive presentation. Her photographs combine the sensuous, the political, and the off-beat with an ironic attitude. This is not Ansel Adams' view of photography, but is arresting and dynamic.

Paper Rad, while admittedly commercial, brings a kaleidoscopic sensibility to the Web. They combine the effects of pop culture, neon lights, and the Las Vegas strip, but you won't be bored.

Now on to the Waddington Galleries. These are established artists, some of them familiar to us all. But the pieces are fresh and new and the collection a visual delight. I have chosen a few of my favorites.

John Chamberlain has long been known for his fascinating sculptures made up of smashed auto parts. This group continues his exploration of the form.

Sol LeWitt was at one time a graphic designer for the architect I. M. Pei. Here we see three abstract pieces of gouache on paper.

Joe Tilson's wood reliefs resemble abstract game boards in brilliant color.

Lucas Samaras has long been one of my favorite photographers, although that title barely describes the fertility of his imagination. Perhaps photographic set designer is more like it. These images go beyond what I have seen him do before.

Peter Halley reminds us that art can be fun, colorful and youthful.

Oldenberg and Van Brugen are known for their large-scale sculptures of everyday objects. Here are a few more that catch the eye.

In addition to being a painter, Jean Dubuffet worked in the wine industry from 1925 - 1942. His lively abstractions are still absorbing.

c.Corinne Whitaker 2007