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A group of Chinese dancers who are deaf offers this exquisite program, in which all of their cues come from hand signals.

The Elizabeth Dee Gallery in New York City is featuring the work of Philippe Decrauzat, a young Swiss artist who draws his inspiration from Constructivism. As the gallery describes it, his work brings the third dimension into painting and a two dimensional quality into sculpture. He also makes movies without a camera.

Galeria Fortes Vila in Brazil shows the abstract paintings of Beatriz Milhazes, which you may have fun comparing to Erik Parker's paintings at our site of the month.

The brilliant Maya Lin has created an installation at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D. C. called "Systematic Landscapes". Lin uses roughly 55,000 pieces of wood as well as satellite images and digital mapping to build a stunning indoor hill.

Artist Eva Hild fashions large, hand-built ceramic sculptures, sensuously organic forms that she calls "my inner landscapes".

Helen Levitt's name is a familiar one to lovers of fine photography. When she died at the age of 95 on March 29, 2009, she was living in a fourth-floor walk-up apartment in Manhattan, still taking pictures of Spanish Harlem and the Lower East Side of New York City. She was noted for her images of crumbling buildings, litter-laden sidewalks, and the mostly young people who congregated in these environs. For years she refused to comment on her pictures. "I'm inarticulate", she would say. "I express myself with images". (For a comparison, see our Winnie the Pumpernickel article this month.)

Ian Davis operates in the arena of the theater of the absurd. His exhibit titled Strange Geometry features large groups of men shown against somewhat menacing backgrounds. Viewers may be reminded of the stunning performances by Chinese dancers and musicians in their opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.

The billion dollar Hubble telescope has taken some extraordinary photographs in space. Three of the best are shown here by the Huffington Post.

Charles Saatchi has earned a reputation as a brash collector with an excellent eye. You may remember the "Sensations" exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum that created so much controversy. It also introduced the American public to the Young British Artists (YBA) like Damien Hirst and Chris Ofili. The Saatchi Gallery online is showing "Islam stripped bare: Middle Eastern art" which has some stunning pieces.

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