Dali/Disney on the Web

Pop the popcorn, heat the pizza, and curl up with your laptop. No, not to watch a DVD, but to go to the movies without getting in your car, standing in line and buying tickets. While the Digital Giraffe's still images exist in that silent space where art hears the soul's confession, there is also brilliant work being done online in experimental video and film. We list some of our favorites for you here, and invite you to explore further on your own.

There are so many online blobs that they've almost become passe. Enter the digital visual blog, with experience projected onto expressionistic moving images. Here we find content, graphics, and sometimes sound interwoven in unusual ways. For starters, try these two: (note: the first one is not for young children.)



Some of the most exciting short films and videos online are being shown at Cinematic Film, which bills itself as the "largest experimental database on the web." Their richly dense site will give you hours of pleasure. We list here four videos that we found particularly appealing:





Finally we point you to one other fascinating short film. Each of these will lead you to others, and to the wonderful world of Dali/Disney on the Web: http://www.elasticgroup.com/new_project/home.html

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