Spring Fling

Spring, a time for juices to flow and energies to explode. Here are a few sites that should lift your spirits:

Digital Show: Futuresonic 2008 - An online exhibition of International Digital Art, with the theme this year of people. Whitaker's "Tomorrow's Child" was one of the featured works. All can be seen here: Futuresonic

From Raphael to Picasso, artists have poured their souls into the representation of the female. "Women in Art: 500 years of Female Portraits in Western Art" takes you on a video tour of some of the results: Female Portraits

Annie Liebovitz has startled us for years with her dramatic photos, as of Whoopie Goldberg in the bathtub. The L. A. Times provides us with a look at seven magazine covers that she has created: Liebovitz

We have spent some time recently looking at the glass creations of Dale Chihuly, but I'd like to suggest that you look at one more site, this one called "Chihuly at the de Young". You will get a better view here of the monumental glass sculptures that have become his latest passion: Chihuly

Originally shown on four screens simultaneously, "ElectroPlastique#1" was a commissioned piece created for the Territoires Electroniques 2005 Festival in Aix-en-Provence. It was designed as an homage to Victor Vasarely: ElectroPlastique

The original spirit of the Internet, the free sharing of information, thrives on regrettably few sites today, but its spirit is enlivened by a site called Wreck a Movie. Here you can work with other artists on a film that you select, or you can create a film yourself and invite others to collaborate with you on it. Wreck. Note: if you haven't read it already, be sure to surf over to our Letterbox page this month for a discussion of copyright issues: Letterbox.

Finally, here's a pretty cool way to reserve a spot in space for yourself or perhaps your offspring. NASA is giving you an opportunity to add a name to their Kepler Mission spacecraft, which will contain a DVD with names and messages from earth. The mission will launch in February, 2009, and will look for information beyond our solar system. Learn more at NASA. Note: you do not have to answer the essay question to get a certificate.

c.Corinne Whitaker 2008