The Gang of Six

The Gang of Six are a group of artists from the San Francisco Bay area who have banded together to propose billboards for the City. We won't know until April if the proposal has been accepted but thought you might like to see what we're up to. None of the artists has done a billboard before. All of them are experienced professionals with over 100 years of exhibiting, creating, publishing, teaching and writing among them.

Our basic premise is as follows: While much art is surrounded by frames, reminding us that what’s inside the frame is somehow different from what’s outside, Urban Art is not. It blends into the fabric of the surround and envelops all into a navigable public arena. Urban Art resembles the hallucinatory life of dreams. Rather than something outside of ourselves, the City thus becomes a reverie that we share. The beauty of Urban Art is that it requires no entrance fees, no visiting hours, no membership dues. Everyone who thinks, walks, breathes and dreams is an artist, adding to the dynamic of the City. If we but look carefully and listen we will find that rare and secret self that the City calls its own.

Roger Ferragallo's "We are Star Dust" may be seen here:

Helen Golden's "On the Road" is available here:

Torrey Nommesen's "De Revolutionabus" is here:

Dana Eaton and Peg Jackson are collaborating on "The Culture of San Francisco Women" here:

And Whitaker's proposal is here:

c.Corinne Whitaker 2006