The joy of the Internet is also its drawback: there is simply too much information, much of it excellent, for the mind to absorb. I hope that in making these suggestions for your web surfing I have singled out some of the best.

A Mountain View, California, start-up company has just brought out the Lytro camera allowing you to focus after you have taken the shot. Expected to sell for $399.00, the Lytro is the brainchild of CEO Reng Ng, who got his Ph. D. in light-field technology at Stanford University. Photographers can change their focus as often as they like, and will have the additional ability to see their photographs in 3D starting next year.

One of the largest art events in the world occurs each year in London at the Frieze Art Fair. This year a Lebanese-Texas artist who lives in Riyadh has uploaded images of some of the sculpture on display.

One of the more unusual "runway" shows at Men's Fashion Week in Paris saw the clothes draped on models with face masks designed by artist George Condo. The Gallery was changed into a working casino. It is not known which was the more noteworthy, the artist's masks or the male fashions.

I have long admired the architecture and sculpture of Zaha Hadid. Shown here is an exhibition called "Form in Motion" on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through March 25, 2012. The organic forms of her pieces, whether furniture or lobbies, are exciting to experience.

If you can't travel around the world to see the greatest opera houses, you can at least look at the work of David Leventi. Leventi has captured the view of the grand auditoriums as seen from the stage, and the result is a magnificent panoply of images.

Francesco Mai has produced a portfolio of digital sculptures, output as prints, that are quite elegant and complex. Her metallic models are intricate and fascinating.

Forgive me for sending you to a site that is not in any way art-oriented, but the facts served up on The Discovernator are hard to resist. Did you know, for example, that "Spider silk is about five times stronger than steel of the same weight"? Ot that "Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his baseball cap to keep him cool and changed it every two innings"? (Sometimes it's okay to read just for fun, folks.)

The domestic scenes painted by Vermeer have continued to hold their strength even four hundred years later. The Financial Times of London has written an excellent review of "Vermeer's Women", a show at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The Museum itself has additional images and background on the painter.

There are some images that stay in your mind's eye long after they are no longer in front of you. Such are the paintings of Oleg Dou. A Moscow photographer, Dou has produced haunting pictures of children that are based on child funeral portraits and leave you with an eerie sense of animal/human/ porcelain/cryptographs.

For those of you wondering what the big fuss is all about with the new iPhone 4S smartphone, it's called SIRI, a voice command digital assistant. Watch a demo here of what it can do for you. It's pretty awesome.

c.Corinne Whitaker 2011