More Web Romping

Continuing our web excursions, here are some additional art and culture sites I think you might enjoy:

The Nanotechnology Gallery features zapperbots, nanobots, and other visualizations of nanotechnolgy at work in the world.

Feeling nostalgic? Tune in to the Playa Cofi Jukebox, for golden oldies from 1957 to 1961, with more to follow.

Digital stone carving is a fascinating process, which you can follow here in a slide show presentation:

Ken Butler appears to be an artist of multiple talents. Among them is a series called "Lost and Sound", in which he creates hybrid musical instruments as sculpture:

For years the William Traver Gallery in Seattle has promoted some of the finest studio glass art available. Here are several artists that he is currently showing. The Gallery should be one of your preferred stops when you're in that city. First, Tom Farbanish:

Next the work of Orfeo Quagliata:

And finally the graceful forms of Jay Macdonell:

The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco has developed a project called Art in Technological Times, or 010101. It's a fairly dense site, so consult the user's guide if you have any problems navigating:

Bill Barrett creates fanciful and elegant bronze sculptures:

The University of Colorado has put together a juried exhibition called "Art in Science/Science in Art". Of special note are the glass forms of Ralph Jimenez, the abstract photography of Magdalena Glogowska, and the human cough by VanSciver and Hertzberg:

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