eMusings is my monthly gift to the Web Chair Travelers among you, as I take you to a few sites I think will challenge your brain, warm your heart, or bring you joy. I welcome your suggestions for future issues as well.

The Long March Space Website is a production of the Long March Foundation in honor of the route of China's historical Long March. Its aim is to bring contemporary art, both Chinese and International, to a public that is rarely exposed to such works. Browsing its site you will find some excellent art: Lin Tianmiao's "Mother's!!!", for example. Check out "Book from the Ground" by Xu Bing, shown at MOMA, New York, as well as Bing's Studio, and and don't overlook Iron Curtain by Xaio Xiong.

Do-Ho Suh studied art originally in his native Korea and then did graduate work at Yale University and the Rhode Island School of Design. He concentrates on the dynamics of personal space, both in his installations and his sculptures. Be sure to look at the slide shows like "Artwork Survey" and see the monumental coat called "Some/One" made of individual dog tags. While you are at the site, scroll through the work of some of the other artists as well: the area is called "Art in the Twenty-first Century", a series produced by PBS.

Nancy Cohen creates sculptures and site-specific public art with a deft hand and a wry sense of humor. Notice her "Estuary: Means and Modes" and then compare it to Whitaker's "Sea Jewel" in this month's new digital paintings.

As good postmodernists we have learned to look for art in unusual places. Jim Lambie looks at floors for his. Based in Scotland, Lambie uses things like shiny tape in colors to create his installations so that the world beneath us emits a throbbing sensation of its own. Those of you interested in the science of perception might want to hit the "next" buttons at the bottom of these pages for some interesting discussions of topics like Peripheral Vision, Dynamic Movement, and Luminance Differences.

I know that some of you are fascinated by patterns in nature, specifically the pictures in stones. Here is a site that has some intriguing examples.

Device Gallery has mounted an exhibition of sculptural devices from the quirky to the exquisite. (Click on artists, on the left index column.) I think you'll have fun poking around here. Note that one of the artists, Jeremy Mayer, is the subject of our Site of the Month for September.

Well I may just have to eat one of those tri-cornered hats. In the spirit of curiosity I clicked on one of the confounded ads at the bottom of this page on my August site, kept clicking through a few more, and came upon an artist named Paul Russo whose work is quite intriguing. He has a series called 1000 Black Paintings made with latex caulk and black acrylic paint. He appears to be a young man with a lot of attitude but also a lot of talent.

c.Corinne Whitaker 2008