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Garry Fabian Miller is a highly respected contemporary photographer, with works in collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum. A native of London, he originally used his camera to record impressions of sea and sky. His landscapes are both spiritual and evocative.

Every year 50 artists are awarded USA Fellowships. Although they are all interesting, here are a few of my favorites: In Architecture and Design, Douglas Garofalo. In Crafts and Traditional Arts, Richard Notkin. And in Visual Arts, Barkley L. Hendricks and Rodney McMillian.

Unlike the moody and romantic views of nature by photographer Garry Fabian Miller (above), other artists see a tougher side to the equation. Kenneth Eward shows us some molecular pathogens with appearances that are both seductive and lethal. He uses x-rays and neutron diffraction of actual molecules and then builds computer models from them.

Paul Friedlander describes himself as a kinetic light sculptor and scientific artist. He holds degrees in physics and math from Sussex University and found himself drawn from propulsion physics to lighting and stage design.

Joseph Nechvatal was an early proponent of digital imaging, with provocative pieces created over the years. He has now moved into complex computer transformations of sound. Go first to hEyOka magAzInE for his Viral symphOny 4th movement featuring violin, percussion, strings and didgeridoo. Then on to his complex sound experiments, from a single person reading poetry to an expression of "vocal particles and microparticles". This is a fairly dense site, so give it some time. Scroll down for a description of the individual works.

Squidsoup Visuals runs experiments using 3 dimensionality with light. Here you will see their "Stealth Project on Vimeo", and scrolling farther down some views of their process.

Frank Gehry is described by the Washington Post as a "Starchitect" and his buildings as "Gehryesque". Although this article gives his oeuvre a mixed review (with which I disagree), they provide an instructive slide show of some of his buildings.

Cindy Sherman is best known for her early black and white photography stills, which many critics find to be her signature works. She subsequently moved into color photography, again using herself as the model. KipART online magazine shows us a couple of her recent creations emphasizing social status and aging. She also has an exhibit at Skarstedt Gallery entitled The History Portraits Series.

Josef Koudelka began photographing the Gypsies of Rumania and progressed to images of the Russian invasion of Prague. In one week in Prague he took more than than 5000 pictures. The recipient of many grants and awards, he has published a number of books, including "Invasion of Prague, 1968" shown here.

ArtOffer is presenting a portfolio of my new images online, with space for viewer comments. (Note: click on Most popular works for a slide show.)

The Lumen Travo Gallery in the Netherlands features a number of fine photographers. One of them, Shirin Neshat, is showing delicate portraits against rather lonely backdrops. Simen Johan captures indoor and outdoor scenes with a biting edge. And Ni Haifeng presents a series of self-portraits composed of items from his garbage can. Note: the first two are written in Dutch but the images are eloquent on their own. Haifeng's write-up is translated into English, although you lose the images when you read the translation.

Aeroplastics Contemporary Gallery in Belgium is showing "Power to the People" with original works and editions, mainly painting and photography. This is a large exhibition, but many of the artists have created strong and innovative pieces.

Finally, let's end with some lovely clips of French contemporary music/vocals by Benabar, a lyrical way to greet the day. (Thanks to Nanette McGuinness' new musicblog for this. She's also my daughter!)

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