corinne whitaker

Corinne Whitaker's "Big City Beat"

There are those who feel that landscape art stopped with Constable in painting and Ansel Adams in photography. But the new landscape art is the billboard, reflecting the joys and terrors of city dwellers in the streets below.

There are those who think that billboards are only for advertisements, but who better to advertise their existence, their dreams and their cares, than those who look up from their walkways and doorways.

Throughout recorded history, pharaohs and kings, popes and emperors have decided what art is to be funded and thus to be memorialized. In fact, in ancient China, the Emperors decided at the beginning of each year what key the composers had to use to create their music.

The emperors now walk the streets and voice their passions on walls and doors. We propose that these voices be extended into the skies above where they can reach a broader audience and sing out the urban dream. It is to the emperors of the streets below that we dedicate these billboards.

Corinne Whitaker 2006