eMusings brings you a potpourri of stimulating sites for your September pleasure.

One of India's most esteemed artists has received death and dismemberment threats recently because of the way he portrayed the Hindu god Ganesh. Subodh Kerkar sketched the deity like Rodin's The Thinker, performing a Maori dance, and nude. Many of the threats appear to have originated with a group called Sanatan Sanstha, whose members consider Hinduism to be a science.

Watch this video called "Sleep Waking" for an unusually life-like dance performed by a robot. The machine was created during REM sleep using eye movements and brainwaves by a group called Polyfluid.

Hiroshi Ishi works at MIT's Media Lab and is experimenting with a process called TUIs (Tactile User Interfaces) to replace the standard GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) as used on Macs and PCs. The idea is to encourage people to interact with their computers by manipulating physical objects in the real world. One of Ishi's PhD students has called him "father, mother and obstetrician to a whole new field" of operational interfaces.

Rhizome has sponsored a competition using a programming language called Processing, encouraging creative types to produce sketches using fewer than 200 characters. The competition is open until September 13, 2009, and has already spawned some interesting examples. Click on some of the thumbnails to see an animated version.

Clearly you are interested in computers, since you are viewing this eZine. But take it one step further and watch a compelling video on the initial steps that led to the machines we use today. I actually lectured on this fifteen years ago at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, but the video brings it vividly to life, even for me.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York is presenting the pre-World War I work of Vasily Kandinsky and other Expressionist painters. This essay gives an overview of the artists and their milieu.

Last month I sent you to an online map of the 2nd Athens Biennale which was supposed to run until October 4th, 2009. In light of the fires raging in Athens and its suburbs, I repeat the link hoping that the galleries, their artists and their art are safe from harm. ReMap2 is a creative online site designed to introduce visitors and viewers to contemporary art galleries in downtown Athens, Greece. By clicking on Gallery Shows you will get a sampling of the works. Each gallery shows multiple images, so you will get an excellent overview of what's being exhibited.

Ron Arad is currently Professor of Design Product at Royal College of Art London. In 1989 he set up the Ron Arad Associates practice in design and architecture. Featured here is a gallery of some of their stunning design pieces.

For over sixty years, the British Council has built an admirable collection of art and crafts. The collection now includes over 8000 pieces which are used to form international touring exhibitions. Since there is no permanent gallery for the works, the collection is often called a "Museum Without Walls". This is a dense web site with many rewards for your patience. "Artists' Choice" offers 49 examples, including many outstanding works of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The UK's Royal Academyof Arts is showing a number of excellent works at their site. Check out Ken Howard's small oils, Robert Austin's drawings, Anish Kapoor's upcoming exhibition, and Wild Thing, a forthcoming show of three young sculptors.

Yahoo Tech tells us that the UK's Royal Opera House is planning to produce a Twitter Opera. Anyone can contribute from the twitter blog by sending in one line at a time. The compilation will then be scored by professional musicians. The project is an effort to soften the elitist reputation of operas and to encourage widespread input into a new musical form.

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