eMusings brings you summer fun for your July pleasure.

Did you ever think to mount an exhibit called "Infectious:Stay Away"? They're doing it in Dublin, Ireland, at the Science Gallery, with projects like "Kiss Culture" and "Get Up Close and Intimate with a Petri Dish". Be sure to watch the video as well.

Some of us recently went to a Maker's Faire in San Mateo, California. Along with giant peddling cupcakes and a twenty-foot (I think) Lego birthday cake, we found a fascinating display of Kinetic Wave Sculptures. This video introduces you to the artist, as well as his works. Really amazing.

Tate Modern online continues to bring special artists and events to the public. There are several new ones available: Bodyspacemotionthings recreates architect Robert Morris' 1971 project using rollers, tunnels, beams, ramps and other toys. (The original was shut down due to potential safety problems.) Another Tate gem: Michelangelo Pistoletto takes a rolled ball of newspapers for a walk in Turin, Italy. And art critic Adrian Searle brings us an acerbic and candid look at this year's Venice Biennale.

Robert Geshlider uses CAD/CAM software to create whimsical sculptures out of plaster, pigment and glue.

Every day NASA offers an Astronomy Picture of the Day, some of which are quite amazing. One of my favorites, from June 19,2009, shows an ancient Chinese Map of Planet Earth's northern sky. Another, from February 3, 2009, illustrates Lenticular Clouds over Seattle, Washington. Give yourself time to wander through these - it is worth the effort.

Bobby Baker became a patient at a mental health center in 1997. Over the next twelve years she kept a visual diary of her travails at various treatment facilities. You can watch her describe her experiences as she gradually became aware that a couple of weeks would not resolve her problems. The Wellcome Collection has also mounted an exhibition of her drawings as she struggled with mental illness and cancer.

Francoise Nielly is a Parisian artist who paints bold portraits with dynamic brushstrokes.

Finally getting comfortable with email? It's too soon to relax. The folks at Google are planning to spice up your online life with "The Wave", a vision of communication that combines email, Instant Messages, live chat, and realtime interaction. Take a look at the future before it gets here.

If you love good dancing blessed with splendid choreography, you'll want to look at this clip from the movie Sweet Charity. Then remind yourself of that outstanding performance by Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie version of "Chicago".

Korean artist Soo Sonny Park is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Dartmouth College and works in large sculptural installations. Her fascinating pieces are composed of materials like honeycomb aluminum, halogen lights, egg cartons and brazed chain link fence.

Marilene Oliver is a British artist who explores the relationship between the real and the virtual body. In her statement, she says, "Digital medical imaging fragments the body, genetics breaks it down into code, electronic communication reduces interaction to e-mails, text messages: digital media breaks the body down into bytes. Oliver attempts to repair the fragmentation and dislocation of the body brought about medical imaging and electronic communication by using the digitised and coded body (in the form of MRI, CT and PET scan data) as material for making sculptures. Oliver seeks to reclaim the body from the contemporary medical and digital gaze in order to poetically subvert it and offer future relics of our increasingly digitised selves." Look also at Oliver's Womb Access piece from two years ago - be sure to roll over the image with your mouse.

c.Corinne Whitaker 2009