The Tickle Man

In the Big Inning

God created the world's biggest


In Her own image

She created she.

And She was satisfied.

Until she felt lonely

And asked for a play date

With a playmate.


God took a bone from she's elbow

(the funny bone)

And created he.

She was tickled

And so was she.

Until he began to tickle




What a pickle.


she asked God to remove he

And return her to the state of before



God hit undo

But undo jammed.

It jammed, and it jellied and it marmaladed

And still he hadn't faded.


God tried the olive cure, and the Atkins cure, and the grapefruit cure

But he wouldn't budge.

Oh fudge,

Thought God.

I might have to hit code Red

To control this zed.


God hit code Red

And made a plan.

I will annihilate this tickle man



and Awesomely,

She said.


he fled.

Into a black hole of nonenti



But this was not T Ball

Not at all.


When God woke up

From her fright stallion/night mare

She realized that the earth was bare.

Oh well, She yawned,

There's always another centur


Another venture

for she and he.


Or might they be

A shut out?


c. Corinne Whitaker 2014