The joy of the Internet is also its drawback: there is simply too much information, much of it excellent, for the mind to absorb. I hope that in making these suggestions for your web surfing I have singled out some of the best.

Ann Carlson is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in Choreography, a USA Artists Fellowship, an American Masterpiece award, and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. Emphasizing what she calls "the naive gesture", she choreographs special moments that she finds in our everyday living. She has auctioned off the breath...the inhale, the exhale, and even the spots between the two. This is indeed an unusual mind.

Time Magazine's online NewsFeed discusses the possibility that Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait is actually a painting of the artist's brother Theo. The claim is made by Louis van Tilborgh, senior researcher at the Van Gogh Museum. Other articles on the subject can be found at the end of the article. (Thanks to DR for this.)

Horace Warner took two hundred and forty photographs of street youngsters who roamed the area around Spitalfields Market in London in 1912. Of these only about thirty of the images survive. More information about the setting itself is available at mad.

Rebecca Warren takes on the challenge of the female nude with her earthy bulky sculptures of the female body. More of her clay sculptures may be found at rebecca.

Nan Goldin first entered our photography world with her intense slide show "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency". Ten years later Goldin is having a solo show at the Sprovieri Gallery in London. ArtInfo reports on an interview held with Goldin, titled seductively "Most of the Art World Wants Me to Commit suicide".

Matthew Monahan is a mixed-media sculptor who has traveled all over the world and currently lives in Los Angeles. Many of his pieces seem to float in indeterminate spaces and elegantly combine materials into cohesive wholes. The 2008 Carnegie International presents a You Tube interview with the artist, casual but informative.

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