eMusings brings you visual treats for June.

Norwegian artist Are Mokkelbost creates colorful and imaginative paper collages. You might compare his work with Whitaker's recent digital painting called "In the Belly of Death".

At the same site, Michael Bauer paints with a deft and whimsical touch.

A similarly delicate hand is seen in the paintings of Sarah Spitler.

Roxy Paine has installed a 130-foot long stainless steel sculpture on the roof at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Titled "Maelstrom", the piece forms part of a series called Dendroids exploring the intersections of the natural and machine worlds. You will also find a YouTube video of the installation process.

Coinciding with Whitaker's recent discussion of when a flower is more than a flower, Eduardo Kac has created a more-than petunia called "Edunia". Working with University of Minnesota scientist Neil Olszewski, Kac has combined his own DNA with the red veins of the flower. They call the result a transgenic petunia.

Watch brilliant paper-folders at work in this trailer for the film "Between the Folds", now being shown at a number of International film festivals.

Claudia Hart has created a ten-minute animation which she calls "The Seasons". Shown here are a few stills from the film, illustrating her take on sensuality, nature, and woman.

Sir Lawrence Olivier is reason enough to watch this video clip called "Time Theme". As he says, "You are the creator of your own universe".

c.Corinne Whitaker 2009