Out There. Where?

Does a fart fly? Does a fungus cry? Are they asking why

Out there?

Do SETI and METI wed

Out there?

Has FGM ever bled

Out there?

Does time ever change its shape

Out there?

Is there any rapture to capture

Out there?

Does crux have a matter, pitter hate patter, God have a bladder

Out there?

Is there even a there to out, out there?

Out there is where our species is heading

Because the current human genetic model incorporates both death and disease, both seen as inefficient genetic codes.

Because humans are cumbersome for intergalactic travel

and expensive to maintain.

What will we look like, out there?

Maybe our marrow will be replaced by tiny snap-on particles of information

Maybe we will become biodynamically incorruptible

Maybe we won't throw up over Mars

Maybe I will become fiction and you will become a lie.

Is this what lies ahead

Out there?

If so, how will we know tomorrow?

What happens if tomorrow doesn't know us?

Will I find you, touch you, hold you?

Out there.

What is the zip code, the area code, the html code?

Out there.

What if there is no code, no rosetta stone,

No search engine, no dictionary, no manual,

No internet, outernet, safety net,

No there


c. Corinne Whitaker 2020