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Our Woman of the Month Award for June, 2024, goes to Susan Tomes, author of "Women and the Piano". Tomes steps in to change the male-centric version of piano history. She writes about 50 female pianists from the 18th century to today, pointing out the misogynistic criticisms leveled at women performers.

The dating website Bumble has apologized for showing ads that "shame women into sex". Bumble's self-proclaimed nod to fame is that it empowers women but the backlash to its current ads on social media has been swift and direct. Bumble admits the ads were a mistake and that they had not lived up to their stated values.

Tate Britain has opened an exhibition called "Now You See Us - Women Artists in Britain 1520–1920". Covering 499 years, the exhibition features the journeys that these women made to be acknowledged as professionals rather than amateurs, including fighting against stereotypes, expectations of a woman's role in society. and refusing to limit their subject matter to domestic responsibilities.

The United States is one of the few countries in the world where sex selection using IVF is permitted. In vitro fertilization is known to be difficult and expensive, with one round costing $20,000. In the U.S. only 15 states insist that insurance pay for it and usually a minimal amount. The procedure is invasive and requires testing to screen for genetic disorders. It is also largely unregulated and many of the clinics are owned by hedge funds and private equity firms. Issues of ethics and control over a baby's life are involved.

Photo London this year celebrated female photographers in larger numbers than ever before, from newcomers to known professionals. Subject matter ranged from the intimate to the abstract to the community . For me, the portrait by Amsterdam-based photographer Justine Tjallinks seems especially striking.

A widespread but neglected illness called female genital schistosomiasis is found in tens of millions of women worldwide. Few physicians know about this tropical disease but efforts are being made to give access to more women and girls for reproductive and sexual health care. The illness is both painful and stigmatizing, often resulting in miscarriage and poor fertility. First described 125 years ago, the condition is worsened in areas where women and girls are loath to talk about their symptoms or about painful intercourse.

The MIT Technology Review reports that scientists at the University of Florida are attempting to get cows pregnant using synthetic embryos. In other words, they are trying to create a large mammal beginning only with stem cells - no egg, no sperm, no conception. The idea originated about ten years ago when biologists noticed that when stem cells are left alone in a walled plastic container, they begin to self-assemble and try to make an embryo. 2 years ago a mouse version of this process grew in a jar at a lab in Israel and eventually cranial folds and a beating heart occurred. For the moment these lab-grown embryos are said to contain the right parts in the wrong proportions.

Buddhist monasteries in Tibet contain paintings and artifacts that are felt to be embodiments of the Gods and are thus revered as the foundation of Tibetan culture. Extreme weather, however, is threatening these fragile monasteries, which have started to crumble. A restoration project was begun, with Western art conservationists training local farmers. Initially no women were allowed in the group, since local tradition does not permit women to touch sacred objects. That reluctance, however, has faded and women are now helping with the effort. The women take great pride in this new work, since it gives them training and wages and releases them from the drudgery of their homes.

For many years, research in health and well-being has been exclusively based on men, reflecting a gender bias and an assumption that women were small men. Additionally most lab rats were male. The result was that women were given poor, incomplete, or sometimes harmful advice. Finally it is being recognized that women are physiologically different from men and gender-specific studies are being undertaken to correct the problem. Essentially women need to eat and exercise differently from men.

After a recent wave of violence against women, Australians are calling for gender-based violence to be declared a national emergency and for strict laws to be enacted to stop it. Australia's Prime Minister is calling the situation a national crisis. So far in 2024, a woman has been killed on average every 4 days. As the Prime Minister admonished, "We need to change culture, the attitudes, the legal system and the approach by all governments. We need to make sure that this isn't up to women, it's up to men to change men's behaviour as well."

The Guardian presents 38 photographs of women that have influenced how we are seen and how we see ourselves. Some are familiar, some less so, but all portray moments and attitudes about being female at this time in history.

If you are a fan of beautiful gowns, exquisite jewelry, exuberant hairdo's and gorgeous settings, you will enjoy season 3 of Bridgerton on Netflix. The BBC gifts us with views of 7 Bridgerton filmed locations that we can visit. It is a rare journey to contemplate..

Mirror mirror on an ancient wall can now show us what a Neanderthal woman may have looked like. Her skull, unearthed in the Kurdistan area of Iraq, is said to date back 75,000 years.

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