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To a Beach Stone

We are proud to present as guest author this month, Lila Staples Thorsen, retired Art History professor. Thorsen lives on the California Coast where she passes the time looking to stones and hermit crabs and popped corn for wisdom.

Hey there little lapidary planetary fragment

Tidal tumbled smooth and tough, a granite-given present.

I'll drop you in my pocket and think about eternity

And wonder what exactly is the path of your paternity.

Did you, in some remote dark hole, first take on form and mass,

Subatomic particles from a fiery cosmic past?

Spinning through millennia, immeasurable ages,

To land here on this California coastline, of all places.

What isotopes, porphyry, and igneous intrusion

Have been your family history and have led to this conclusion?

Well here you are, and so am I, despite the world's insanity

Just holding you reminds me that we're all part of infinity.

c. Lila Staples Thorsen 2022

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