The Lion, The Gorilla, and the Bear

When Adam was three

A lion, a gorilla, and a bear

Were lurking in his bedroom.

I took the lion, the gorilla, and the bear by the hand

And led them outside.

We save fragments of ourselves

So that those yet-to-be

Will understand who we were.

Will humans one day be labeled "use unknown"?

Discontinued relics, toxic to the touch, shameful to the eye?

Whose eye? Where is the who

That sees me? That sees you?

What happens when no one, no thing, no force

Sees more?

Sometimes, when we see nothing

Much is there to be seen.

Did you know that invisible particles

Pass through your body

By the trillions, second by mysterious second,

Leaving no trace?

Are we meant to pass through time, through space

Through amplitudes and emptitudes, without a trace?

Are we both matter and anti-matter?

Do we in fact matter at all?

Does the Universe shed tears at what we do?

I don't see any. Do you?

The soul is your lion, your gorilla, your bear.

Take it by the hand, if you dare.

Show it that you care.

Because, you know, I care.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2015

Excerpted from the book of the same name.

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