Caged (B)rats

2 internet titans want to fight in a cage.

Each of them, in his own way, wants to run the world.

Bloated egos that command towers of power,

Vacant castles of discontent.

Souls for Rent. (1)

The gender predominance is not overlooked.

We have apparently created offspring who feel they are better than the rest of us. Who seem to think they are entitled to make decisions for all of us.

They are not the only ones. I'm sure you can name others.

They exist because we have allowed them to. Because we need them to.

At heart we are all children. We need heroes. We want figures that are larger than life, in some vain hope that they will protect us, presumably from outside forces that frighten us.

Then why do we fume when they become toxic? Do we really want leaders that treat nuclear weaponry like tinker toys? Who think that thinking big allows them to dispose of everyone else like expendable data points on a chart of life?

We all want answers, keys to existence, assuring us that life has meaning. This eternal symphony plays out in both major and minor keys, in all languages and all cultures. We have devised locksmiths to create keys to existential angst. We call these keys science, religion, ancestors. We create heroes big enough and loud enough to reassure us that something or someone has the answers. To drown out the silence of not knowing.

Perhaps we are the ones locked in a cage of our own devising.

2 titans, cocksure, want to fight in a cage. Millions of us cheer them on, buy their images on mugs, give them reins of power, call them heroes.

I can give an attitude

Some latitude.

But Baditude?

Boils my coils, Dude. (2)

Isn't it time to admit that these emperors have no clothes?

c. Corinne Whitaker 2023

(1) Corinne Whitaker, "Beyon"

(2) Corinne Whitaker, "Bully Bully Bang Bang"

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