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Welcome to our book shelf. Here you will find our 16 hard-cover books of digital painting and prose/poetry, all bound in hard cover with glorious color and words that question what it means to be human in the young 21st century. We hope you will look long, think hard, and discuss with us and your friends what is happening on these pages.

You can buy the books directly from the publishers, or you can buy them from me at a discount, payable by check. For details, email me at

email: Note: a set of Whitaker's books and catalogs is now part of the Wellesley College Art Library. Whitaker is a 1956 graduate of Wellesley with a B.A. degree in English and French literature. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, named a Durant Scholar, and recipient of the Katherine Lee Bates Award and the John Masefield Award.

The books are listed in order of publication, with the most recent first.

Girl With the Golden Veins

Girl With the Golden Veins Downloadable PDF

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Shady Lady


The Lion The Gorilla and The Bear

The Ballad of Zero Gulch

I Heard the Wild Gander

Cradle Song

The Mighty Tortoise

Gimme Gotcha


Book of Love

No More War

Boogie Woogie Woman

Burn Baby Burn!

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