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How To Write A Book


For excuses




Your juices.

Picasso said, if you want to learn to draw

Start drawing.

Keep notebooks within easy reach. Enrich them with jottings.

Scribble, and adore your scribbles. Let them lead you elsewhere and give birth to wiggly offspring

Think of how the world looks to a hummingbird and write it down.

Refurbish your mind. Replace those old sofa-driven ideas with new bean-bag thoughts.

Remember: stop signs are for drivers, not authors.

Ask why

Better yet

Why not?

Paint the walls of your living/dining/working room four different colors.

Put aside your favorite shirt, hat, scarf and replace it with a funky newcomer.

Wear two different shoes.

Take your foot off the brakes. Eliminate the can'ts, must nots, shouldn'ts and do nots.

Read great poets, like William Butler Yeats, J.D.McClatchy, Lucille Clifton, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson.

Does a phrase capture your attention? Question it, expand it, own it.

Unzip the secrets you have hidden from yourself and air them out, voluminously, in words.

Feel the pain.

Heal the pain.

Pick a word at random and unfold its wings.

Demolish proprieties and blow them to yesterday.

Set aside a time of silence every day. Luxuriate in it. Wrap yourself in its mysteries. Explore its crevices.

In fact, give yourself a new name, a nom de plume, a pen name. I'm The Digital Giraffe. I'm a peace-loving vegetarian, with a very large heart. I stand taller, and see farther.

Who are you?

You see, the book of yourself is already written. All you have to do is open its pages.

First to yourself.

Then, perhaps, to the world.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2022

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