No More

We are addicts. (1)

The human species is addicted to war.

The media, egged on by politicians, feed us sugar-coated images of bravery. (I need not remind you of the dangers of sugar.) Governments hand out medals. Numbers of dead are counted against numbers of bombs/bullets/missiles employed.

Economies improve.

Patriotism soars.

Leaders beam (while they are counting votes.)

Winners brag (They have just bet the entire species bank in Final Jeopardy and won the right to fight again and kill more.)

But there are no winners in war.

Everybody loses.



Idealists and visionaries. Nurses, postal workers. Truck drivers and teachers. Billionaires and cyberwizards.

Children - OMG the children - do we really starve, kidnap, murder - children? Is this the bottom line of malignant altruism? Take from the vulnerable in order to give to puffed-out (war) chests?

Why do we continually send our strongest youths to be annihilated?

Do we really think that a soldier trained to kill can come home and change diapers?

Oh wait. There won't be any diapers, because there won't be any children.

When do we say, No More?

No - More - War.

War is not a video game. War is not a cryptocurrency dealt by over-entitled children. War has no winners when they are wiped out along with the losers.

War is horror, unleashed by us, on us.

War is simply wrong.

After all, what is one less human?

There are plenty more where that one came from.

Aren't there?

c. Corinne Whitaker 2023

(1)"No More War", Corinne Whitaker 2011, the world's first iPad/iCloud fine art series published as a soft-cover brochure, available as a book in 2014.

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