The Portrait

On 2019-11-30 5:52 pm, Jennifer Kryczka wrote:

I and my family met you in a small sushi restaurant last summer in Carmel. You struck me visually, and I asked if I could take your photo because I am a portrait painter.

I have just finished your portrait. I was lucky to come across your business card just today! I am including the portrait in my upcoming solo exhibition at the Riverside Arts Center in Riverside, IL.

I then looked you up on the internet and wow. I didn't know this whole time I was painting an icon. Thank you for your generosity. You were a sheer joy to paint.

I want to send you the image so you are the first to see it (other than my husband and daughter) but I wanted to make sure this is the correct email address to send it to. It's my most valued portrait to date, and I don't want to just send it to anyone!


Jen Kryczka Westchester, IL

Hi Jen,

Yes, I remember. It was Hanagasa restaurant. By all means send me the portrait.



On 2019-11-30 7:26 pm, JenniferKryczka KRYCZKA wrote:

The more I've read about you, the more I wish I lived in the area and could get to know you more. You have such a sage way about you. I tried to depict that calm amidst the energy of the color surrounding you. I do hope you like it.

Thank you again,



Thank you for sending it. You are very talented and have done a beautiful job.

Let me know when your show goes up, and good luck.


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