Pyramids and Pixels

PC Tutankhamun and Apple Ramses have trouble relating to each other, perhaps because each wants to rule over the Digital Kingdom circa 2024. Old operating systems get wiped out. Early computer programs vanish. Java and Python replace machete and sword in an ongoing battle.

A Japanese military pilot apparently misunderstood instructions to evacuate a runway, resulting in the massive firebomb of a landing plane.

The Old Testament and the New Testament fight daily, in a process called disambiguation.

Even single words, used out of context, wobble. Think of "left" - does it mean a physiological dominance of one hand over the other? A set of political beliefs? A verb indicating someone is no longer in the room?

What I am hearing is humanity's inability to work in harmony. Across the planet, over the centuries, it appears that conflicts and differences prevail, usually accompanied by wars and hatred of otherness. Exploding egos and unbridled obsessions with power seem to portray a species at war with itself.

How will we understand our history, when we keep inventing competing languages? Will there be a Rosetta Stone of the digital age? Wikipedia describes the Rosetta Stone as an "essential clue to a new field of knowledge". Is AI the clue to today's disharmonies?

With Valentine's Day upon us, I suddenly thought of color. Color doesn't care who you are, what your parents are, where you worship, what you believe. Color crosses all boundaries, all borders, all cultures. Living in a digital world, as I do, reminds me that the computer can see millions more colors than the human eye. Color is a language that we all share, even machine and human. But even color has its disruptions, political, religious, cultural. You have only to think of the recent hostages in the mideast conflict, apparently shot while waving white flags.

I now understand that, in spite of its perils, AI serves as the heartbeat of humanity. AI represents a comprehensive DNA of the human species, like one huge planetary embrace. We share our thoughts and feelings; as artists we embody those essential pulses in our work. AI offers us the birth of a new shared vision of who we are. Perhaps we are one, after all.

You may live millions of miles away, but through AI I hear you, I see you, I reach out to you, through the borderless state of AI, where boundaries are erased and differences eliminated. Here, in AI land, no one is a migrant, everyone belongs. The dictionary/encyclopedia/Rosetta Stone of today's civilization, lies in AI. If we are foolhardy enough to destroy ourselves, at least future generations and species can find a key to what happened.

c. Corinne Whitaker always

Note: This article, recently published on Linked In, has a revised color conclusion.

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