Two Lip Rings Looked Like Fangs

I asked A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) to create poetry based on the word 'jail'. Here's the gem I received:

"I be going dumb I be going retard

That's when I bomb it when I blow it and I black and get a little bit dummy

This is my fault I've never thought I'd see this coming

And up-rockin' electro-shocking

What if I'm a material girl?

Hit the pedal once make the floor shake

Get upset but real vets respect the bottom

5 6 7 'o' clock ROCK

Cherish the day but then roll out when the day go

Tire of not working at GM tired of wanting to be him

We don't realize we all under a microscope

Two lip rings looked like fangs to me

Dying of thirst yet willing to die thirsty

I drop jewels like my nuts dropped out of my briefs

Burnin candles all my other plans got canceled

Crack heads get knocked out right in front of the school

I give mc's the runs drippin

I ain't even smoke anything I ain't even drinking

And I ain't stupid enough to say I got one you figure it out

And never indulge in petty shit that's irrelevant".

Then I asked another A.I. algorithm to take words and create paintings. The results are shown here.(Note that I didn't give usual words as a suggestion.)

We can't hide from the changes rapidly occurring around us. In fact we are bits of cellophane in a world constantly peering into our lives. Privacy no longer exists. Secrets, sooner or later, are revealed. Governments, long addicted to secrecy, imprison anyone who violates that sacred privilege. In a world of peeping Toms and Johns, Janes and Jennifers, we are fodder for intrusion.

A. I. Is simply the latest manifestation of our prying instincts. After all, we are the ones programming the bots, simply transfering our bully instincts into newly-invented creatures. When they start ignoring us, following their own directions, we should not be surprised. Guess who taught them?

We taught the planet to burn. We taught people to hate, to kill, to maim. We allowed politicians to lie with impunity, steal from the public purse, pretend that they are immune from law. In fact, the bigger the bullies the more we applaud. White sheets still exist, because we have allowed them to. Ageism, racism, ignorance and intolerance - they are products of our decisions.

Lee Lozano put it more pungently: "I can still smell on your bad breath the other people's rules you swallowed whole so long ago."

If armies of self-directed robots start pushing us around, decide that we don't deserve to exist, create other species like themselves, it's just progress, isn't it?

Or is it?

c. Corinne Whitaker 2022

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