When Language Caught the Giggles

Regurgitation is an ugly word. It's an ugly concept as well.

It happened in the art world when the computer first became available.

There were those who insisted that the computer would allow us to produce better oil paintings, better water colors.

Why would we want to?

With a new binary language and a suddden awareness of how vast was the space around our tiny planet, why trudge along with 26 outmoded symbols?

It was a time to leap, to soar, to vault, especially when you only needed a zero and a one. We had to learn to see all over again, as some of us did, as more and more of us are doing every day.

Another disruption is taking place right now, called Artificial Intelligence. There is nothing artificial about it. All forms of intelligence are natural. It's just that we understand some better than others.

We don't need Dr. Spock to tell us, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." (2)

Take a journey through Artifitootle Impacta with me, (1) or better yet create your own itinerary.

You might, of course, be greeted with this warning: "The contents of this exhibition may cause shock, vomiting, confusion, panic, euphoria and anxiety…"

This was the language used by the curators at the Brooklyn Museum in 1999 for their "Sensation" exhibit.

AI won't make you throw up. It may indeed shock you. It may be capable of wiping out the entire human species, and that in itself is pretty shocking.

In the meatime, artists can adapt this new tool to our view of the world. Because that is all it is: a new tool.

Just don't try to be like someone else.

Before ChatGPT and its cousins grabbed the microphones, here is how AI described "like" in 2017:

"And change you perspective and flip your entire position

With Gucci belts Gucci imprint from leather welts

But when the beefs on them real OG's

I would go in your shit real no shit

What goes through our minds

Ride with us Dirty crusty asses

S Don Squad-agena Terror Squad that is

But I ain't shy so why shall I comfort

Ones who fake get caught in the crossfire for crumbs

Go to the bar to drink to get soberer

West Coast bust it open

When it's time to ride I'm known to grab the toast though

I'm a monster on the floor I can't quit

Close encounters of the first kind

But until still I dry my eyes with hundred dollar bills

We're praising Jesus for raising up the prince of preachers

She always come in handy

'Cause they know they hands tied feet ball and chained up

From the deepest darkest part of Mezzery

Now we ain't in love but we can damn sho' pretend to be."

My favorite tool is a baked potato, which I have used for 45 years. You use it also, although you call it a mouse.

Think of AI as the mouse that roared.

Not Mickey. Not Minnie. Not a regurgitation.


Ride the waves.

Mix the metaphors.

And don't forget to catch the giggles.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2023

(1) giraffe

(2) Dr. Spock - "Oh the Places You'll Go"

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