Wits and Glass

10 years ago, an article in The Monterey County Weekly proclaimed, "Digital artist Corinne Whitaker boldly goes where few artists have gone before."(1)

I'm still going, and the fact that you are reading this affirms that you are going with me.

Where are we going? We didn't know then, and we hardly know now. It's like living in a fictional mindscape, part illusion, part fantasy.

That's where A.I. is taking us. It's our inevitable destination. It may not change your tits and ass, but it will certainly entice your wits with the use of glass.

Why glass? Because glass is the foundation for all things silicon. Because it shatters easily, blowing up our certainties and demolishing our absolutes.

We've been here before, right? Here's how Rachel Mustalish, a curator at the Met Museum, describes the beginnings of cubism: "radically reimagining the possibilities of pictorial space." Cubists like Juan Gris "began to incorporate items such as newspaper, wallpaper, and other commercially printed and found objects into their Cubist works.". They "challenged ideas about illusionistic rendering and what materials might be considered appropriate for making art".(2)

We are light years beyond "appropriate". A. I. has seduced us into once-forbidden spaces, the most intimate parts of ourselves. You might find my elbow, your ear, your grandmother's diary, in this art. Privacy is an antediluvian concept, eradicated the moment anyone places anything on the Internet.

A.I. also creates yellow brick roads that lead to nowhere. We learn from the Algorithm, an M.I.T. publication, that "AI language models are notorious bullshitters, often presenting falsehoods as facts. They are excellent at predicting the next word in a sentence, but they have no knowledge of what the sentence actually means. That makes it incredibly dangerous".(6)

Rainer Maria Rilke said it best: "The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens".

Make no mistake, my friends. The future has entered, swamped, overwhelmed us, right now. It is the tsunami of current perception. You may not like what the new A.I. art looks like but it is not going away.

By the way, if you are thinking about going away to Montreal, be sure to make a reservation for dinner at Le Nouveau Duluth. At one time it had the highest Tripadvisor rating out of 3,678 eateries in that city. It had garnered 85 five-star reviews. Like other great restaurants around the world, it was incredibly difficult to get a reservation there.(3)

Because it doesn't exist, and never did.

It existed only in the worlds of entertainment and fiction. And that's where much of what we experience today exists as well. You can find it in the halls of Congress, in the form of fake resumes, in the form of hungry egos and empty souls desperate for attention. You can find it when twits tweet, when pronouncements and achievements collide, when headines and hunger lines don't meet.

Once upon a yesteryear several graphics software companies asked me to develop their programs into directions that other artists could follow. In each case I responded, "You don't want me. I don't go from A to B to C: I go from XX to minus 3079 to the square root of passion".

That's the path I hope you take in looking at these works.


"Art compels you to twitch



Impolite places." (4)

That's the world


Wits and Glass.(5)

c. Corinne Whitaker 2023



(3) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/03/montreal-restaurant-that-never-was-online-reviews-canada




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