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October 1, 2021

To the Friends of Giraffe:

Come visit us at our new studio in Carmel By The Sea, California, on Mission Street N. of 8th. Look for Heather Glen, one of Carmel's charming courtyards. For an appointment, call 650-250-5514 or email giraffe@giraffe.com (because sometimes I have to talk to the otters and visit the sea lions).

Our cover image this month is titled "Winds of War", not (necessarily) the threat of ICBM's or uncontrolled drone attacks, but the sense that we are growing farther apart from each other. Violence replaces discussion, killing displaces conversation. As Yeats warned, "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.”

Our Electronic Quill article this month is titled "I Squashed A Fly". Why? Because I could? We look at Neanderthals, nobots, and Zen wisdom (Can you show me the face you had before?) Listen to Winston Churchill, and once again ask, who are we, tenants in the house of earth?


Our section called "Other Voices" includes eMusings, yNot, Site of the Month, !Brazen Hussy, and Just Desserts.


eMusings: Joy Labinjo's portraits from "collage aesthetics"; an architectural wonder in the Balinese jungle; Qasr Al Watan, a contemporary palace in the UAE; an eye-opening revelation about one Silicon Valley entrepreneur; a young designer makes his mark by playing with gender fluidity; Art Basel highlights 8 women painters who specialize in the female figure; self portraits with volcanos; Grinling Gibbons, "The Michelangelo of Wood"; revisiting Frans Hals' portraits; an extensive look at Joan Mitchell's tube squeezing; new cast-glass structures from David Ruth; "I Feel a Bit Rusty" takes on our sex drive during the pandemic.


!Brazen Hussy: Betty Dodson and "Learn a New Orgasm: How to Upgrade Your Masturbation Technique"


YNOT: Our Woman of the Month award for October goes to Frances Perkins, FDR's Secretary of Labor and the first woman in U.S. history to hold a cabinet post.


Don't forget that our outstanding women are permanently archived on their own page.


More on Ynot: 2 women run for Prime Minister in Japan, shaking up the entrenched patriarchy; the Taliban tighten controls on women; strip clubs in Houston, Texas, are sued for racial discrimination; claims of phatphobia on twitter; a rare public defender is appointed to the U. S. Appeals Court; gender differences in accepting covid vaccinations; World Kid Lit month honors a translator of graphic novels; an exhibition describes women as incalculable and therefore dangerous; media bias against middle-aged women; California's Governor Newsom signs two bills protecting abortion seekers and their doctors and clinics; the history of the sonagram; the U.S. Senate reconsiders a law prohibiting violence against women; stereotypes of Latina women in the media.


Giraffe's Site of the Month - fasten your seat belts as Ryoji Ikeda takes us through wild gyrations of data as image.


New Digital Paintings: we continue our exploration into large triptychs, 48" x 24" in lighted boxes, illuminating our current ambivalences, often with a Caryn Elaine Johnson wry wonder at the folly of life. (You know her as Whoopi Goldberg.)


New Blobs: 4 blobs (digital models) that throb with life, yet are composed of zeros and ones.


3D Print News - as the industry progresses, be prepared to be amazed: overcoming challenges like VUCA; a new method for bioprinting neuron cells; a bioplastic 3D printed cabin (would you enjoy those bathtubs?); 3D advancements in reconstructive facial surgery; a review of large 3D printers available for your home; hypersonic air travel - Sydney to London in under 4 hours?; "intelligent environments", where 3D printed objects react to the user (watch out when you sit on that sofa); a covid vaccine patch that does not require a needle jab; stunning bowls 3D printed from sawdust; 3D printing networks of blood vessels that supply blood to implanted tissues; an Elon Musk award for tunnel linings that don't interrupt the tunnel construction.


Meet two new denizens of the Digital Giraffe zoo: "Bride" and "Gloom" await you in Carmel By The Sea. More about their biographies/histories/delicacies in next month's newsletter.

We fight, we bite, we kill at will. And yet, there are those among us who honor each other, who find compassion in their hearts, and who act with integrity. I know a few, and I honor them.

With warm regards from your friend, the Giraffe.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2021